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    • Message from Stott-Wallace Missionary Offering Fund

      "The Stott-Wallace Missionary Offering Fund is an ongoing resource designed to provide financial support for current and future Cumberland Presbyterian missionaries who raise their own support.  This Fund will enable missionaries to spend less energy (and money) seeking financial support and devote more of their time to the work in the field.

      The Offering  is named for two lifelong missionary families...Buddy and Beverly Stott (Japan) and Boyce and Beth Wallace (Colombia).  In the summer of 2013, the Wallaces marked their 50th anniversary as GA-commissioned CP missionaries.  Boyce and Beth continue to serve in Colombia.  The Stotts were missionaries in Japan from 1964-1990, when they returned to the US to continue their pastoral ministry until Buddy's death in 2005.

      Current support for our missionaries now exceeds $250,000.00, but more is needed for training and deploying new missionaries around the world.  Missionaries are key in establishment of enduring ministries.

      WE HAVE THE AMBITIOUS GOAL of raising one million dollars a year for the expansion of Cumberland Presbyterian missions around the world in response to the Lord's Great Commission.  Amazingly, if only 500 CP women's groups or churches contribute as little as $2,000.00 a year, we will accomplish our goal.  This represents dramatic growth in the response to the open doors of ministry in new mission fields in Central America and continued expansion in our growing fields in Latin America and Asia.

      Annually, the needs of each CP missionary will be reviewed by the Missions Ministry Team to determine the best use of the Stott-Wallace monies.  One hundred percent of the donations to this Fund will go for the support of the endorsed CP missionaries.  Nothing will be retained for administrative expenses.

      Every gift to the Stott-Wallace Missionary Offering Fund is a prayer for the extension of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the work of CP missionaries!"

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