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    • From the Pastor

      I had one of those awesome "blast from the past" experiences the other night.  Randy Stonehill, one of the pioneers of contemporary Christian music, had a concert at New Hipe Church.  Overall it was great, but it was different than what I would have preferred  I wanted it to be just like it was back in the early eighties, like the first time I heard him on an eight track, vinyl album, can't remember which one, maybe both, complete with electric guitars, drums, and keyboard.  Big Sound!  The other night it was guitar only.  Randy Stonehill only, playing it.  The saving grace is that he is one of thest guitar players I've ever heard.  But it wasn't played the same exactly, didn't sound the same as I remember it.

      And he didn't pay the same songs I remember.  As Pastor Donny was introducing Randy, he mentioned that Randy had written over 800 songs.  That's great, and the songs he sang were good, but they were not the first songs I remember off primarily the first album.  He sang one off that album.  The rest of the tow hours were from the rest of the 800.  I ad ten ready to request if given the opportunity.  It didn't happen.

      Do I sound like an old fuddy-duddy?  Speaking of old, Randy looked a lot older than I remember him back in the 80's.  He's doing good for getting ready to celebrate his 63rd birthday. in a few weeks, and he's still kicking a leg up every now and then during the concert.  But man, the whole experience kind of aged me.

      Nope, we don't like change and I'm a card carrying member of "we group".  Randy wrote and sings a song called, "Turning Thirty."  I remember when I first heard that one and thought, "Gee-whiz, Randy's got one foot in the grave."  Perspective is interesting; time flies, and I'm looking back twenty-three years on my turning thirty, and now sixty three isn't all that old.

      But it's all good.  Really it is.  I'm grateful for the concert the other night, for it brought back great memories (the concert still would have been much better if he would have played all the old songs I remember and love!), and another reminder that God gave me incredible gifts like music by Randy Stonehill way back when, and He is doing new thing today.  As my uncle who is about 83 and confined to wheelchair wisely states as we reminisce on earlier, younger days, that was then, this is now."

      Every day is precious.  Change comes, the kind of changes we can't do anything about like age, people, and circumstances.  As Randy Stonehill wrote in this song, and the only words I can remember of the song, "Turning thirty, I'll cherish these years," may we cherish all t=f the years, including all the old songs (thank you Jesus!) and the new songs many of which I love just as much as the old ones.  And may we heed the admonition of Holy Scripture, "So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom." (Psalm 90:12)


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